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Visual Studio .NET

Mar 19, 2002 — Hi,
Has anyone here used Visual Studio .NET? Is it worth buying? What kind of things have you done with it? What is it good for, what is it bad for, etc.

How does Visual Studio .NET compare to common methods of web application development such as Perl, Python, or Java?

Also, what are the differences between the three versions (Enterprise developer, Enterprise architect, and Professional)? I have looked through reviews and whatnot and they always give vague information.

By the way, MBoffin, the code for this site is very nice.


Dylan says:

First of all, good to see you. It's been a while. :)

Microsoft has [link http://msdn.microsoft.com/vstudio/howtobuy/choosing.asp]a page showing the differences between each edition[/link] of Visual Studio .Net. I think that will help you out in seeing what version you would want.

In terms of the difference in methods of web application development, it's not like any of the things you listed. The way you build web apps in VS.Net is [i]exactly[/i] the way you would build any other application, except that the interface (the "form" or "window") is a web page. And when I say [i]exactly[/i] the same, I really mean that. The development process is the same.

Now, .Net and VS.Net are two different things. Visual Studio .Net is simply Microsoft's IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for the .Net Framework. The .Net Framework itself is free and can be downloaded by anyone.

I haven't done much with VS.Net yet, but from the people who I know who have worked with it, they absolutely love it. There are some who don't like it as much as others, but the general feeling seems to be that Microsoft did a very good job with it.

Last month I wrote a fairly hefty post to this forum about the .Net Framework and what it is and isn't. You can find it [link http://www.mboffin.com/forum.asp?mode=topic&id=54]here[/link]. Hopefully it will help you out some more in understanding what it's all about.

lyrical warfare says:

Regarding Visual C++ .NET, we bought it and I've used it... and have gone back to 6.0 for the time being as it doesn't really add too much, plus it's significantly slower and heavier. I wouldn't recommend buying it for the C++ IDE.

Also - the standard edition which is the only way to get the standalone C++ component, doesn't include an optimizing compiler. How lame is that?

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